BASK has been a family-run business for the last 26 years. Initially focused on extreme sports clothing for cold weather conditions (sled dog races and mountain climbing – BASK's products have visited all the peaks above 8000 meters' height), the company has successfully mastered functional design and manufacturing of urban garments. By constantly implementing the most recent and advanced manufacturing technologies, the brand has become an expert in both natural and synthetic insulation materials.
The heart of the company is located in Moscow, Russia, and consists of more than 100 employees who develop and create comfortable warm clothing for different temperature ranges, down to -45 degrees Celsius (with a few notable exceptions made for polar expeditions' equipment). BASK is proud to be well known in Russia for its expertise in natural down insulation and a history of long-term partnerships with Russian and international suppliers.

Brand's product range includes warm and extra-warm urban collections, warm sports clothing for leisure and mountain climbing, professional outdoor clothing and equipment for hiking and high altitude climbing. Two separate brands, BASK kids and BASK juno, for 2—7 and 7—13-years-old children respectively, are also interesting for their design and thermal properties. All BASK products are made with attention to detail and great price/ performance ratio.
Russian outdoor and urban clothing brand BASK
Another part of our business is manufacturing intermediate products for other warm clothing manufacturers. We offer both ready and custom-made solutions for the insulation layer of warm clothing made from Russian goose dawn and even Russian eider down.

We are looking for a confident partners to distribute our sports and urban warm clothing. Also, we are looking forward to meeting you at out A1-516 stand at ISPO Munich on February the 3rd 2019.

Hope to work with you!